about the artist

Lindsy Michele Solomon was born and raised in an art-loving family in Baltimore, Maryland. Growing up, she always had two things: an art desk, and a record player. Her line drawings are infused with rhythm, swing, rests, and bops from music she listens to while painting. Often, lyrics and guitars make their way into her pieces. Secretly, she makes paintings so that she has an excuse to be quiet and listen to music all day long.

Lindsy says her goal is to make a painting incandescent, uncovering a quirky beauty that recalls crooked sidewalks in New Orleans; or a rusty bicycle lying alone in clover. Or chickens. She is always trying to celebrate and elevate the ordinary.

Lindsy studied art both in public school and privately in Baltimore in the 80s, and furthered her studies in fine arts at The Evergreen State College in the 90s. Lindsy has worked in a variety of media, including radio, photography, and clay; but most extensively in pastel and linoblock. Her current work is a culmination of all her favorite mediums and forms of expression: handmade ink stamps, paper, pencil, oil pastel, poetry, and acrylic.

Lindsy's art can be found in private collections around the country. She has also been featured in Militant Rogers magazine; and has illustrated numerous album covers for Frogville Records. She is represented by Jack Leustig's Fine Art Gallery in Taos, New Mexico.

When Lindsy is not busy painting, teaching, dancing, cooking, writing, dj'ing or laughing with her magnificent son Levi, she likes to sleep.